Gendered Performance and Rape Culture

The article talks about online representation and portrayal of women and how daily life and everyday encounters make up a the meat of the female portrayals on the internet.  Media is intertwined with our everyday lives and now the internet has become a big part of that representation. I can think of quite a few youtubers that take on gendered roles in order to make a social statement or prove a point.  The article also talks about masquerade and the role of the internet in gendered performance.  In particular, this video from Anna Akana addresses the subject of rape prevention an din it she put in a different mask.  In the video she shows what a hyper paranoid woman would do with the anti rape advice women receive everyday.

In the video she parodies all of the crazy things women could do to prevent themselves from being raped and then gives some real examples of the type of advice we receive on a daily basis. In it she juxtaposes the reality of womanhood and rape culture with the extremes, and as a a result she shows just how ridiculous it is that we have to do all of these things to protect ourselves.

Here Akana successfully separated two types of female gendered performance.  The woman that does everything she can to protect herself, and the woman who thinks parents should teach their children that rape is never ok.  They have become categories within one overall arc.

Gendered Performance and Rape Culture

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