Primpin’ Like a Peacock

Primpin' Like a Peacock We often associate animal characteristics and human characteristics.  Man sees elements of itself in those animals they contribute traits to.  Humans are limited by right and wrong, social expectations, and norms.  But animals escape this, relying on instinct and what they have always done to survive.  Humans are forced through the strainer that is society while animals run wild.

This piece is called “Primpin’ Like a Peacock”, and it is meant to humorously gesture at the fact that Peacocks are male yet we associate it with being feminine.  Feminine being a very human characteristic.  I juxtaposed this face by making the Peacock more “hip hop” which is associated with hyper masculinity, the antithesis of feminism.

Primpin’ Like a Peacock

4 thoughts on “Primpin’ Like a Peacock

  1. Again, I really enjoy the design of this piece and its humorous nature. The print was executed very well and you nailed the registration. My only criticism is that I find the black speckles under the peacocks peak a little distracting and I’m not sure what they are supposed to represent. However, I do love the hat and chain and detail of the peacock’s head feathers being folded down from the hat. I think this piece flows perfectly with your series and it’s something I could definitely see on a T-shirt. Great work!


  2. The detail in your design here is pretty incredible. I like how you used a similar technique with the feathers on the peacock’s body as you did with the fur on the squirrel piece you did. It creates a certain continuity between your work that I really like. The masculine/feminine dynamic here is quite interesting as well. The exaggerated eyelashes and facial shape come across as quite feminine and then the inclusion of these stereotypical male hip hop symbols create a humorous juxtaposition.


  3. I really like your whole series, you have a very unique cartoons tyle that fits well with your theme. All your images have a good mix of being an animal but still having a personality.


  4. I think you are really hanging onto your topic with this one. It translates very directly to me and I think the cartoon quality works very much to the advantage of this masculine/ feminine here. As Gabe said, this image has a lot of personality and I think you’ve done really well.


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