Hoarding Nuts


My second project was the “hoarding nuts.”  Basically, the squirrel is frantically running, trying to keep them all to himself and in the process looses everything he is holding dear.  Some types of squirrels are known for hoarding, where they hide food in preparation for the winter. It is a common animal survival technique.  In humans it is seen in a much more negative light where the person is considered greedy and neurotic.  In this picture I wanted to make a comparison between those two ideas

my next image may be a dolphin or and elephant.  I’m not sure yet.

Hoarding Nuts

6 thoughts on “Hoarding Nuts

  1. I really enjoy the image in your piece, I think that it depicts the message that you are trying to get across. I think some of the best types of social critiques are the ones that are able to bring humor into it. The only thing I am not sure about is if the acorns are supposed to only be the caps and I also saw a different edition in which the the squirrel was a different color which I really enjoyed.


  2. Yeah I had the same question as Gabe, were you going to print another layer on top or something. I really like the idea here of the neurotic squirrel here being characterized with human traits.


  3. I am able to pick up the nature of the animal. Again I really enjoy your use of cartoon-quality to stress your topic. This image, however, I would not make the connection to the human application of an animalistic action.


  4. I love the quirky and fun nature of this piece! The design is very well thought out and executed perfectly. There is a comical sense to the piece which I love and I think the exaggerated characteristics of the squirrel along with the placement of the nuts conveys your message quite well. Great job!


  5. I really like this piece because it has a fun side to it as well as a deeper seriousness that requires thought. Your line work and attention to detail is fantastic and I think that you’ve done an amazing job conveying your idea. Well done.


  6. I really like this piece. It works with your theme. I actually like it better on the blue paper that you showed it on in class. Other than that it is a great work. Good luck on your next project.


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