Morley’s Art

“Forgive Someone”

Morley is a graffiti artist and screen printer.  He started his career in 2011.  His goal is to remind social climbers and capitalists of the things that really matter in life. His messages are about life and love and specifically how you shouldn’t beat yourself up too much. Morley often includes his own portrait in his picture.  He says that he doesn’t want his art to be mysterious, he wants people to know exactly who did it, and if the police catch him he’ll just apologize.

“Time Machine”

He is a member of an art collective called The Outsiders.  The group is made up of various artist that use many different mediums.

“Part of the Plan”

I really like the audacity and the messaging in his prints and graffiti.  Making illegal graffiti in urban areas is really bold and when combined with the strength of his messages it is really impressive.   He isn’t worried about getting caught. His pieces literally have his face on them almost like in every piece he is caught creating his image by the viewer.  You tell he care about both his message and his viewer.

“Divorce (Yellow)”
Morley’s Art

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