Michael Michael Motorcycle — Screen Printer

“Portals” Romance and grief; another print from the 2007-2009 “Blood” series

Michael Motorcycle is a screen printer, painter, and illustrator.  His artwork contains the themes of the misuse of power, the human environment, and love.  Michael believes in the importance and he includes it as a main theme in a lot of his work. He often includes the themes of the exploitation of the defenseless.  He was abused as a child so feels like it is important to portray the issue in his art.  Blood is often included when he contemplates the misuse of power.  It represents grief and life force. Lastly, he looks at the human environment and the way civilization uses up the resources of our planet.  he often reflects on the mistakes made during the industrial revolution in his art.

He is inspired by the things he collects such as animal skulls, beautiful bugs, musical instruments, art noveau, art deco, French Pachoir prints, and fashion magazines.

I really love his artwork because of the illustrative quality to it.  The color pallet often includes bright colors, particularly red, and organic lines and shapes.  His work has an emotional quality to it and I find that I really enjoy looking at it.  I feel like his work gave me some new ideas about color usage in my next print, which I am pretty excited about.  His prints have this really cool, almost symbolic, quality to them, and that is something that I really find appealing.  I can definitely see the before mentioned themes present in his subject matter and color usage.

Michael Michael Motorcycle — Screen Printer

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