First Project (Party Animal)

I am fascinated with how people apply human words and characteristics to animals. We often associate animals with words like clever or lazy, and sometimes we apply animalistic characteristics to ourselves or our daily habits. Animals have their own set of behavioral patterns that are needed for survival. They don’t do things just because, nor are they frivolous in their behaviors. I find it kind of comical and that we do this, so in the images I will be pointing towards the humor of that (1)

My images will focus on one animal at a time and will either address a concept or characteristic that could or is contributed to that animal or a phrase that alludes to animals that applies to humans. An example would be squirrels hoarding nuts. Squirrels are really just saving nuts for the winter; a survival instinct that would save them from starving to death in a harsher environment. Hoarding is a word that is akin to greed. Meaning that you are collecting excess amounts of things you don’t need and won’t need in the future. When compared to the squirrels natural survival instinct, it is something much less noble.

My first print, Party Animal, is meant to point back to this concept.  A wolf doesn’t party but they are associated with being wild even though they are organized and intelligent predators.  I feel like it captures my series.

My print series will focus on drawing out all those little comments that we make about ourselves and animals that don’t quite make any sense. In the end, the series should lightheartedly point out our own silliness. Near the end of the process I would like to print the resulting images on t-shirts for my final portfolio.

First Project (Party Animal)

6 thoughts on “First Project (Party Animal)

  1. I think the concept behind this is great and that you have lots of room to run with this theme. I am really happy that all the layers came out the way that you wanted them to like close to your original design. The only issue I have with it is that it looks like a fox more than a wolf but that could be because I am use to your work from last semester. This looks amazing and I would totally buy it on a t-shirt. Great job! Good luck on your next project.


  2. I really like this piece and the whole concept behind your work! It is extremely accurate and yet it is comical, just like you said. The image is striking and well thought-out and I would like to see it on a t-shirt. Awesome job!


  3. I really enjoy your message along with your print. Personifying animals is something that most of us do, but never really think about the origins of where it came or why we even say it. Going off the title “party animal” goes perfect with your print. I enjoy the contrast between the colored parts vs the “hollow” wolf face, but am thinking maybe having a darker outline will make his face pop more instead of being secondary to the mouth and hat.


  4. I really like this design and idea you have here for your first project. The first thing that came to mind was the Wolf of Wall Street, and how that group was known for not only snaking their way on to wall street, but also for their continuous partying habits. The second thing that came to mind when reading your statement about how wolves are predators, is how the bright blue smile and blue nose reminded my of a clown. Clowns are a common party attraction for kids but also are on plenty of people’s “top 5 fears” lists. It sort of instills this idea that something evil and maniacal is underneath, which I’m not sure if you were going for or not. But otherwise, great design, fantastic color choices, and great piece!


  5. This is a really curious focus, clever choice. I understand what you are trying to depict with how you have portrayed the wolf, but only so after reading your artist statement. The almost cartoon like quality of this possibly pulls me away from considering an underlying message.


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