Drive by Press

Drive by Press is a group of artists and designers that create prints.  They believe that the process is just as important as the product.  They like to create their designs using wood block printing as their method which is an 800 year old method. A wood block is carved out for each design, and then ink is rolled on to the wood.  They then use a press to transfer the design to the shirt.  The process is seems very tedious but still rewarding.  The artists at Drive by Press are the only t-shirt printers that use this method, making them very unique. Two artists began Drive By Press is 2005, so their business is 10 years old.  The artist names are Gregory Nanney and Joseph Velasquez. They went to graduate school together and decided that they wanted to create a company and share the art of printmaking.  Drive by Press is based in New York, NY and Austin, Texas.

I think that the process through which they create their work is beautiful.  It’s not easy and it take a lot of effort.  It took a lot of effort just to get their company started.  I really wonder if there is a deference in the texture of the design because of the wood block press method.  I would think that there is because of the pressure of the roller.  The process reminds me of a carving and pressing method that we learned in 2-d foundations.

Drive by Press

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