What Inspires Me

The two artists that really stood out to me were Jan Harrison and William Kentridge. Jan Harrison’s art is centered around animals; particularly, the remnant of our mammal and reptile brain. She challenges us to look at our innermost selves and see the monsters that reside there.  We think of monsters as something that is separate and apart from us and in the same way we see ourselves as something separate from animals.  Her artwork seeks to breakdown that line.  In a way her artwork is the opposite of mine because I seek to draw attention to that line between people and animals, and I think that is the reason why I find her art so interesting.  I liked the work of William Kentridge because it focuses on social and political distress, which is really a passion of mine.

Big Cat-Mountain Lion with Foliage Fur Private Col

I am inspired by relationships.  I’m a communications studies major and a lot of my projects have had to do with relational dialects and emotion. It all points back to my desire to understand the innermost self, so I decided to continue that theme into my studio art.  I also really like the forms and characteristics of animals so I chose that as my subject matter to explore this semester.  I am also inspired by political issues, specifically civil rights.  Both of my parents lived in Alabama well into their twenties and I grew up hearing their stories about what it was like back then. So often times I find myself toeing the issue of racism in my art

What Inspires Me

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