Epic Rap Battles of History and Satirizing Arguments

Epic Rap Battles of History is a youtube series that focuses on satirizing pop culture, political, and religious icons using classic call and response style rap battling.  Each battle pits two people or icons against each other using humor and rhymes.  They serve the purpose of spoofing and pick fun at popular public opinion.  The battles are really just vehicles for peoples opinions.  Even the battles chosen are determined by the people who leave comments on each video, and at the end of each battle the audience can weigh in on who won. In a way, they poke fun at our comparisons of people and things.  They create a rap and rhyme based picture of what our arguments with friends and strangers might look like, and then show us how completely ridiculous it is.  The best example of one of there more political videos would be Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama.

I think that doing a textual analysis of ERBs and how they feed on the opinions of the public would be interesting. I would particularly like to look at why these videos have gone viral.  The content is essentially not positive although it is often humorous, so perhaps that fact that humor is a positive feeling and helps attract millions of viewers.  Maybe they go viral because people can laugh at there own opinions of things.  I also think it would be interesting seeing how the subject matter for their videos has changed over time.

Reference List

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Epic Rap Battles of History and Satirizing Arguments

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